In focus: February specials

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The most disruptive innovations.
And the stories that keep us fascinated.

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The Future of Food

Fridges are turning into data centers, while home deliveries or “dark kitchens” replace restaurants.
Meanwhile, concern for sustainability is growing.
There are already 75 million vegans and vegetarians - would they eat a steak grown from cells in a lab?

Biotech: Nature's greatest inventions 2.0

Innovators make lamps from floating bioluminescent bacteria.
Others try to isolate their DNA to breed glow-in-the-dark puppies.
Between “Biomimickry” and “Biohacking”, Europe needs to find its ethical principles and political role - or risks losing out to its US neighbor.

Turn of the Decade - Tech forecast 2020

In the deeptech kingdom, 10 years can mean more than a lifetime.
At the turn of the decade, 150sec takes a critical look at expert’s predictions for the future of IoT, Blockchain and 3D printing.