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Our mission is to spread the news about awesomeness of startups, communities, events and investors working hard all over the world to grow the potential of the CEE region.

Meet our #awesome team!

Adrian Pica
Founder & CEO
CEE startup ecosystem expert, founder @150sec.com, community builder, startup mentor with a lean entrepreneurial mindset.
Agata Kukwa
Cofounder & Comn Leader
Multi skilled entrepreneur, talented in communications, CEO, non-exec director, startup mentor & public speaker. Cooperating globally.
Craig Corbett
Scottish born journalist and PR pro a long way from home, Senior writer at Publicize, Principal at ESPACIO, Contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine and TNW, Public speaker and mentor on PR and communications for startups.
Vlad Shvets
Senior Contributor /UA/PL/
Growth & life hacker, change-maker, empowering entrepreneurs and startup ecosystems.
Katarzyna Kamińska
Senior Contributor /PL/
Changemaker, fascinated with entrepreneurship and innovation, passionate about effective communication and technology.
Andrei Firoiu
Senior Contributor /RO/
Web entrepreneur, product builder, book lover, traveler, proud father and of course (and why not?) looking for world fame.
Anna Maria Radu
Senior Contributor /RO/
Exchanging hats in her everyday life: coworking & hubs marcomm enabler, startups supporter, IT & tech snoopy. PR at heart.
Vlad Caluș
Senior Contributor /MD/
Profession – full-time dreamer. Marketer in a SaaS startup, idea implementer, strategist, tea lover and a kid from Moldova.
Ivana Sabo
Senior Contributor /RS/
Girl geek, bookworm, full time parent, startup enthusiast and Community Manager of Business Incubator Novi Sad.
Vaida Salt
Senior Contributor /LT/AT/
Founder, lifetime learner, IT lover, ideas generator and challenger, passionate diver. And I can fix your iPhone

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Our #amazing contributors from all over the CEE!

Matiss Ansviesulis
Contributor /LV/
Co-founder & CEO at Creamfinance
Mircea Vadan
Contributor /RO/
Cofounder at Cluj Startups, Organiser Startup Weekend Cluj,
Ádám Horváth
Contributor /HU/
Head of International Relations at xLaboratories
Balazs Nemethi
Contributor /HU/
Co-founder at Taqanu Bank
Mihaela Radu
Contributor /MD/
Communication Manager at Dreamups
Alin Apostu
Contributor /RO/
Project Manager at Fundația Romanian Business Leaders
Anastasia Sleptsova
Contributor /UA/
Project Director at Black Sea SummIT
Konstantin Rabin
Contributor /PL/
Head of Marketing at Kontomatik
Vahur Orin
Contributor /EE/
Communications Consultant Tybridge Media
Tadeáš Bělík
Contributor /CZ/
Marketing & PR Director Keiretsu Forum Prague

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