Skriware 3Dprinter

There’s no doubt that 3D printing is the future of manufacturing and consumerism. The technology is developing fast and gets adopted by wider audience of people, shifting from 3D printing hubs to individual customers. Printing itself is getting cheaper, while the technology is becoming more understandable and intuitive. Up to now however, the individual consumer market remains fairly unexplored, with most of the manufacturers failing to create user-friendly, powerful and affordable hardware.

Skriware is a Swedish-Polish company aiming to tackle this problem and redefine the 3D printing experience. Their printer is designed to be used at home and targets the mass consumer market. The product took 2 years to design and implement the solution with the innovative features, which made the device user-friendly and affordable. Skriware has recently started a crowdfunding pre-sale campaign on Kickstarter aiming to raise $50,000 and is going to launch a Skrimarket – a platform allowing you to easily choose and print items.


The current price of the printer on Kickstarter stands at $799. The printer is going to be operated via the touchscreen, and instead of outdated SD cards is going to support USB port. Moreover, the printing area is going to be quite large: 6in – 6in – 5in, allowing to print objects of the larger size. Finally, the materials used to manufacture devices are eco-friendly and partially come from recycled plastic bottles.

Skriware has plans of developing the community of its adopters, providing them with support and easy access to printing projects. On Skrimarket platform users will be able to choose and print the items with one click of mouse.

The crowdfunding campaign has started rapidly, collecting more than a half of the goal in a couple of days. Once successful, the team is planning to scale the project further, with a mission of bringing affordable 3D printing technology to individual households.



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