This month a new alliance was formed between accounting enterprise HLB HAMT and Credibl, an AI-powered sustainability platform.

The partnership will see Credibl’s platform deployed globally across HLB HAMT’s customers, showing a shared dedication to building sustainable business practices. 

According to the latest ESG report from Bloomberg, global environmental, social and governance (ESG) assets surpassed $30 trillion in 2022 and are on track to surpass $40 trillion by 2030. In fact, over 25% of projected $140 trillion assets under management are expected to be involved with ESG.

HLB HAMT is a chartered accountant and advisory firm that has for years been furthering ESG initiatives. “We’re extremely proud to announce our new partnership with Credibl. Helping customers meet ESG targets is one of our core tenets at HLB HAMT. We believe that sustainability goes hand in hand with building risk-averse companies and protecting future profits,” said Vijay Anand, CEO at HLB HAMT.

“Thanks to Credibl’s platform our customers will be able to access end-to-end data management and reporting alongside a host of in-built features on the intelligent platform,” said the executive.

Manoj Kumar, Senior Partner – IT at HLB HAMT, commented, “Credibl’s partnership with HLB HAMT signifies a momentous leap forward in leveraging AI technology to drive sustainable business practices.”

“This collaboration underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge strategies that not only mitigate risk but also foster long-term sustainability and growth in an increasingly interconnected world.”

ESG initiatives form the core of sustainable business models. The partnership between HLB HAMT and Credibl marks an important milestone by enabling companies to tap into tech-driven tools in order to receive automated data assurance, real-time peer benchmarking, an AI-based virtual assistant and comprehensive support on supply chain ESG data.