dryTools is a startup company settled in Novi Sad, Serbia. Even if the company exists for a few months they are already famous in local startup scene.

In fact, dryTools is the first Serbian team that got investment from SC Ventures fund, they won the startup competition on Spark.me conference in Budva, and they will be traveling to TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco this September to present their product.

The core of the team is three co-founders – Marko Gaćeša, Nikola Milinković, and Duško Vesin. They have make it to gather an awesome team and to work on an awesome product.

The product that dryTools is creating is called Sifu which is an intuitive, rapid software development tool made for creating high-quality web and mobile applications in a fraction of the time. The approach to building Sifu was to create a high-level DSL for developing client and server data-driven applications with all of the patterns and best programming practices included. All of these components are translated into code that can be freely changed and extended. The entire code is delivered exactly as an experienced developer would have written and organized it.

The benefit of using Sifu is that developers get high-quality source code that has no platform lock-in and is easily modified. Taking the majority of the grunt work away and leaving developers to utilize their skills in developing the logic behind the application.

The official launch of Sifu is scheduled for August 15th. At this launch, we will be presented with Alpha release of this interesting software tool.

But, if you like the idea of writing software with such a great assistance, you can apply for an exclusive Alpha access to Shifu right away. All you need to do is to visit official Sifu page and register, and you will get access to this tool.

All you have to do in return is to test the tool and give some feedback to the team. dryTools team realises the product is not polished out and that it needs help for the community to develop it further and make it more usable. As a way of repaying the community, Sifu will always and forever be free for open source projects.