It might have something to do with Austria’s central location within the European landscape that has seen the country play host to a plethora of startup and tech events that bring together Central Europe, Eastern Europe and contenders from around the world in attendance to forward-thinking events. Today, for instance, marks the second day of, a Viennese two-day conference that aims to open up the startup sphere from grassroots to scaling companies, and that’s just one of a long list of promising networking ecosystems to descend on Vienna.

It was also just over last week, that British company AVEVA also took to Austria to host the AVEVA World Conference DACH 2018. Identified as a world-leading engineering, design and information management software, the company focuses on supporting client progress, visualisation and change through digital avenues. Their technology was started in 1967 through work in Cambridge University and has since spanned across the world and now boasts a workforce of over 1700 employees. Their focus sways towards large-scale engineering and process-related engineering plans, however, their technology has demonstrated the potential to be applied to projects further afield.



It was just last month that Microsoft’s Developer Blog released a new announcement that would see AVEVA collaborate with the Microsoft team to produce a 3DToolkit. According to the announcement, the industrial software company focussed on pushing the limits of its remote rendering technology through the Microsoft partnership and eventually produced a cloud-based 3D experience that could be accessed on any devices.

The project delves considerably into the workings of 3D experiences and eventually opted to incorporate OAuth 2.0 protocol to authenticate the users of the mixed reality technology. The results added to progression in Microsoft’s HoloLens technology and improvements in authenticating users in Mixed Reality applications. This, of course, is just one of a number of high-profile collaborations that AVEVA have contributed to, in the effort to further enhance technological change and development worldwide.

The company’s most recent Austrian event played host to customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and saw AVEVA encourage a series of networking and technical presentations that hoped to further consolidate a progressive future for clients and their technology. With partnerships as vast as Microsoft, the company can not only provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise but also bring together specialists and further exciting, prospective tech innovation.

The AVEVA world conference described the two-day gathering as a means of encouraging attendees to ‘become a leader in digital evolution’. The workshops and insightful networking opportunities that were demonstrated here, serve to firmly place Austria on the map as a key tech driver. Not only is the country accessible, but also one may hope the abundance of innovative events will serve to open up a future that will see a Europe-wide startup ecosystem of collaboration.

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