Following closely behind the Polish Tech Day that concluded last week, this Friday, PLUGinWROCLAW will host an event that will bring management and employee cooperation into the limelight. Titled, ‘Shades Of Management,’ the evening meetup will look at how trust plays a prominent role in relationship building within the IT sphere and host a number of exciting speakers in the field.

PLUGinWROCLAW is a leading Polish tech community that provides networking opportunities as well as connecting leaders together with the right solutions to grow the Polish tech and startup ecosystems. Reaching out for ‘global minds,’ the collective welcomes all players that share the common notion of innovation and creativity.

Through their events, the group encourages a community that shares and develops ideas collectively and as a result, hope to inspire new developments at a fast pace. PLUGinWROCLAW also empowers Polish innovators by providing them with the necessary tools and opportunities to truly grow a company within Poland and even internationally.

Taking place in Barbara, Wroclaw, this week’s event is set to welcome five speakers for the evening who will address the topic of IT management. The five will include Iwo Augustyński, lecturer of Economics at Wroclaw University, Business Development Manager Grzegorz Motriuk, Magdalena Tarasiewicz, Head of Technology Operations at UBS, Jakub Lesinski, CEO of Thoriana and Co-Founder of Softwaremill, Jan Zborowski.

The aim of the event is to explore the future potential of the labour market in response to recent developments in the industry that have seen major transformation worldwide. Alongside a digital revolution, PLUGinWROCLAW recognises that developing countries are now expanding their markets particularly in the technology field, and the entire industry is currently shifting labour development through innovative and looser models of work.

Friday’s discussions bring together a series of differing opinions and allow for an open discussion on the trending topic, as well as pose the question surrounding the future of employee and employer relationships and how that affects a company’s progress. The panellists will address the differences between traditional work methods as well as ‘open space’ methods that claim to allow for more reflection, inquiry and learning.

In the modern day working scene, where at Google HQ employees have meetings in hot air balloon baskets and at Facebook NY there is an in-house party chef, it seems only inevitable that suggestions of new management methods and innovative ideas that could utilise a team’s productivity will continue to be an interesting topic for debate.

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