renewable energy solution

We consume energy on an unprecedented level and use it to power phones with artificial intelligence capabilities, and computers able to produce 3-D objects but we produce electricity on a grid that is one heavy storm away from being dismantled. Isn’t it time our way of producing energy matched what we use that energy for?

In fact, it should be an energy solution that can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create energy security, costs less than current energy providers and come from a device no bigger than a dishwasher. While it may seem like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, such an energy solution already exists, and its name is MAPSTSP – it’s here to prevent climate change and ensure access to affordable energy is a right for everyone.

What is the Screems Phenomena?

The Screems Phenomena (TSP) is the result of two seemingly simple concepts that, when combined, create kinetic energy which can provide a continuous supply of electricity through a MAPS (Major Appliance Power Station).  When used as the energy in a MAPSTSP Device, it constantly generates electricity without reliance on any weather conditions, while also eliminating the need for any fossil, hydrogen or nuclear fuels.

How is this possible? TSP employs magnetism which provides motion, and partly through potential elastic energy that, when combined, forms the renewable energy dubbed “the applied science of TSP.” Because it is self-generating and sustaining, a Screems device does not consume energy, only produces it which also means it does not create greenhouse gas emissions or require any carbon based fuels whatsoever.

Creating Energy Security with Screems

TSP’s unique properties have the potential to provide electricity to the LDC (Least Developed Countries) as well as the high energy consuming developed nations. With the rise of technology as part of our everyday lives, access to energy is crucial to improving the economies and standards of living in developing nations which represent over 2.5 billion in population.

With a device small enough to easily fit in nearly any home or small business, Screems Energy will allow consumers to produce their own energy right from their home with a cost of $0.08/kWh.  Lower in cost than any other energy source in the world, this further increases the accessibility for some of the poorest nations and saves thousands of dollars for those in developed countries.

Moreover, the Screems design allows consumers to produce their own energy without being connected to a grid. With growing concerns over the impacts of climate change which will include an increased number of power outages due to overwhelmed systems, off grid power sources will reduce the effects and potentially eliminate the problem if enough Screems units are employed.

Improving the Environment and the Economy with Screems

Rarely does something benefit both the economy and the environment, but with Screems it is possible. With recent reports indicating climate change will shrink the economy and increase deaths across the globe, an energy source that eliminates greenhouse gases has the potential to reduce the financial and human impact.

Additionally, Screems, which is headquarterd in Switzerland, will eliminate the need for other energy sources and the lands they occupy, e.g. wind turbines and coal mines. With these structures no longer required, the land can be repurposed for other industry or environmentally beneficial projects.

Screems for Your Home or Business

With the potential to save hundreds of dollars over the course of a year and provide energy security even during environmental disasters and rolling blackouts, Screems is positioned to be a game changer on a global level. For more information on how Screems works and if it could be right for your home or business, send inquires to [email protected].

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