The team behind TEDx Cluj has prepared something interesting for all science enthusiasts. On February 20, TEDxCluj conference gathers over 30 speakers in 12 hours to do some MYTHBUSTING.

With solid arguments, TEDxCluj Mythbusters will turn our world upside down on matters regarding society, work, technology, health or relationships.

For a short event preview, think if these affirmations are true or false: ”You are what you eat”, ”Antibiotic resistance – the body’s becoming immune to drugs”, ”If learning is difficult, that’s a sign I’m not getting it” or ”Some people just aren’t motivated”. If you too think these are true, it’s time to challenge these myths and ”have a talk” with the speakers.

Amfiana Gherman, Daniela Drăghici, Adriana Radu, Nic Sârbu, Domnica Petrovai, Cristian Coman, Larisa Petrini, Sara Reardon, Lindsay McGregor, Neel Doshi, Peter C. Brown or Philipp Kandal are just a few of the speakers that will be Mythbusters for one day at TEDxCluj.

On the same day, at the same conference, you can also test some new, smart products developed from bold ideas at Innovation&Tech Expo. This fair is like a playground for techies, creatives and curious minds. For the short preview, you should know that you can play with headphones and watches made out of wood, tracking devices that will find your lost objects, psychological assessment system with hand scanning technology, software platform designed to make physiotherapy fun, 3D printers and other innovative concepts from art or upcycling.

This TEDxCluj edition will also launch a premiere for the TEDx events community in Romania. TEDxCluj Award – a prize dedicated to innovators that change the world for the better or found unsuspected uses of technology. On February 20, one innovator will be rewarded the first TEDxCluj Award for one idea that can grow furthermore in our lives and as a business.

Last Regular Tickets are available on the website – We are a media partner of the event, so see you there!