smartsupp turnover

Smartsupp – live chat startup based in Brno, Czech Republic, has announced it has reached the turnover of 180k Euro (5 million Koruna), according to CzechCrunch. Launched in 2013, the application is being used by more than 6300 active users, 1470 of them being paying customers.

The application has all the functionalities of classic live chat, additionally letting you record screen movements and behaviour of website visitors. It also offers integrations with major local e-commerce platforms like Czech or Polish, as well as analytics tools which allow to measure the impact on the conversion. Most of the customers come from CEE region, as well as Africa, South America and Asia, while the mentioned yearly revenue growth in 2015 constituted 600%.

The application is headed for global expansion and is currently available in 13 languages. Some of the customers include major Czech car manufacturer Skoda, or IT companies Microsoft and SkyPicker. There are three pricing packages available, including a free one, as well as two paid ones offering extended premium functions.

An interesting fact is that so far the company is being bootstrapped with no external financing. However, founders are not excluding that possibility in the future.