Teamwork and collaboration is crucial in today’s brain powered enterprises but often it is very hard to quantify these success factors.

CX-Ray is a Budapest based in-house social network analysis software that allows companies to quantify collaboration within teams. It is a solution for team leaders that allows them to learn more comprehensively about their team and their integration into the company.

Social network analysis has been used by sociologists, scientists and consultants. Now a software can provide such an intelligence. This project is an outcome of a PhD research project done by Zsombor Paróczi who implemented his findings into a company that developed with time and grew into CX-Ray.

I came up with the idea because I had a startup that failed 3 years ago. I believe that this failure happened because we were not aware of our collaboration structure. It was too centralized. Then I’ve made my PhD research to find an academically valid answer to my unsuccessful story. When I presented my research for a larger audience, I’ve got an opportunity to implement my findings into a software.

The solution is an online SAAS with academically validated 3-question pulse surveys. If team members answer the short surveys, the leaders could see dashboards and reports about the team. The result provides information for team leaders about bench-marked results, mentoring & action steps. The software shows insights over team’s structure and helps managers find who are the key people and who is isolated from the information flow.


With a monthly revenue of several thousands Euro, an investment from Baconsult and over 40 teams that have already used the product, CX-Ray is tackling the HR consulting market that is estimated at over $29 billion. Consulting companies offer similar services but their help comes at a higher cost and it’s usually not an automated process. There are other similar software providers like BlackbookHR, that are looking at the same market.