Wolves Summit is the biggest international conference dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship held in Poland. The event will be held in Warsaw on 27 and 28 October, for the second time. The first Wolves Summit conference gathered 1356 participants with 113 speakers from all over the world, including Argentina, Canada, USA, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and France. On 27 and 28 October, the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw will see a meeting of 2000 participants, 800 start-up founders and 200 investors. Without a doubt, Wolves Summit has become one of the biggest events in Europe; therefore the basic language of all talks given will be English. There will be something for everyone, as the event will consist of 8 subject-specific blocks, among others, Fintech, Marketing, Technology, and Fashion.

Participants will be able to gain practical knowledge during talks and workshops carried out by speakers from various corners of the world, and then meet them at a joint party. The first day of the conference will be concluded with an after-party at a local club.

Wolves Summit will welcome representatives from some of the largest brands, such as Salesforce, Google, Deloitte, Intel, Orange, Axel Springer, TVN, Grupa ONET, Burda Media, Allegro, PKO BP, Gerda Broker, Poczta Polska, P&G, and many more.

Check out the event at: www.wolvessummit.com