We’ve all been there: most meetings that lead to no action. Just a tsunami of emails that have everything in them besides being clear about who has to do what. The problem of manual synchronization between meeting notes, email and other productivity software tools is very common to most average and large companies.

Attila Bujdoso, the CEO of Opp.io has worked on a 30,000 sqm construction project as an architect and had regular weekly meetings with real estate developer, subcontractors and remote office. Meeting notes were distributed via email, and people responding to these made us receive 100+ emails every day.

At a Startup Weekend in Budapest , he and Gergely Borgulya (Opp.io’s CTO) came up with a solution to this problem: you should be able to take meeting notes and put action items into it with zero effort. They will then automatically be assigned and sent to those involved. Action items can be tracked and followed up without switching to other software.

Let’s say you are at a weekly meeting with your colleagues and discuss priorities for the week. You take notes and can put action items in to the notes, without further administration (like copying them to Excel or to Trello). Those action items are automatically sent to the assignees, so they are notified about what to do. They can reply from email, and also set the status of the action item from email, which makes it automatically update the status of the action item in the meeting note. So you can look at past week’s meeting note and see progress instantly.

The protocol they have created looks very smart and it allows you to capture the relevant information with no extra effort. The platform for collaboration allows synchronization between all sorts of productivity software: documents, team communication tools, management software tools.

The solution has been tested with about 2000 people in prototype and now they are doing company pilots.

Aiming to monetize as a subscription SaaS, the Budapest based startup has investments from Peter Balogh (ex-CEO of NNG) and Traction Tribe.