Highbrow, educational startup from Ukraine, received a funding of $150,000 from the angel investor, who preferred to remain anonymous. The company started with the the Russian-speaking version of the service called Eggheado, and up until the last week was fully bootstraped by its founders.

Today we are so well-informed on current events, yet lack real depth and breadth of real knowledge, which is hard to find time for in the busy world. Highbrow is an email subscription service that brings bite-sized courses straight to your inbox every morning. All courses are 10 days long and are broken down into 5-minute lessons. All of the courses are in text format, and the materials are available right in the email. The higher mission is to make learning an everyday habit, using simple and widely available channels.

The course base currently consists of 73 courses on 13 topics. The service has been already used by 180,000 users. The founders plan to use raised money for international expansion and establishing B2B deals with companies. Both organizations and individuals are able to create the courses on the platform, the only prerequisite is to possess necessary expertise. Marketing software platform HubSpot and U.S. startup fund YCombinator already have submitted their material to Highbrow’s platform.

The service also boasts with high open rates of the emails by their subscribers – 74%.

Unless of course the spam filters of the users are too selective.


The possibilities for global expansion of Highbrow seem exciting, with the budget that shall be devoted to marketing and product improvement now. It demonstrates the market potential e-learning services have, and the disruption they are going to bring across multiple channels.