BIHAPI is a contest dedicated to all developers with innovative ideas to create new, attractive applications, system or services using OpenMiddleware Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

OpenMiddleware APIs allow developers to access open data concerning communications, bus&train timetable, park&ride locations sport, education, units for public use, government, etc. Developers have the opportunity to combine and match service logic using data from several sources to create the next innovative solution. Orange, along with its partners, invites all creative programmers to participate in the contest to create new compelling application using Open Data, Web APIs Telco APIs and WebRTC.

What is the subject ?

The contest will consist of two stages:

Stage1: Collection of the best Project

During Stage 1, we will collect and select the best descriptions of the planned to develop Projects for the new innovative solution using OpenMiddleware APIs. The use of at least one API from is a must, and additionally you may also use any other API available on the Internet. Please register by sending the description of the Idea via application form.

The best ideas will be selected by the judging panel and be announced at

Stage 2: Implementation and Selection

The Authors of selected Ideas in Stage 1 will challenge the prototyping their Ideas using to the API exposure system.

Authors are asked to send information about:

  1. The phone numbers of Orange (Polish) SIM cards (not more than 3) needed for creating the prototype. Participants acquire the SIM cards on their own. In case of trouble please send information on [email protected]
  2. In case of use WebRTC technology the quantity of SIP (not more than 3) or WEB clients (not more than 3) needed for creating the prototype

The reply e-mail to Authors will include access to the platform with APIs (login and password) concerning SIM cards, SIP and WEB clients.

Participants who are unable to purchase a SIM card on the Orange Polska network can get the SIM card from the Organizer after informing the Organizer by e-mail [email protected] and pass shipping address.

After registration in the system you can create your own application, system or service. Finally send the Prototype with documentation, description of functionality (text or film), optionally source code and instruction via e-mail address: [email protected] or to load on server.

All prizes and judging panel are defined in the Terms and Conditions.

More information: