Slovenia based ABC accelerator is getting ready to launch its 3rd program for startups – this time under the name Commercial Tech. They describe it as the champion amongst their programs and are confident it will carve a new and profitable niche for their startups.

Barely a year ago, ABC accelerator was known only by the most determined and enthusiastic startups. Entrepreneurs in the region applied to ABC’s programs, and their last one, Smart living & Health, received over a hundred applications for the ten available spots. Luckily, applications for the newest program are already opened and ABC is describing it as the champion that will even carve its own niche.

So far, ABC helped 18 chosen startups in one year and successfully organized 2 Demo Days, where those startups pitched their business models to over 200 investors from all around the globe. Some of the investors even heard of ABC before they heard of Slovenia. During the year many incredibly successful entrepreneurs visited ABC’s premises and shared their knowledge with ABC’s startups. Jeff Burton, a co-founder of the billions worth Electronic Arts, Jure Leskovec, co-owner of Pinterest and Patrick Mullane, executive director of Harvard Business School are just a few of them. Patrick Mullane even said, that if someone took him to Demo Day blindfolded, he would never have guessed that he is in Ljubljana, because everything had such a Silicon Valley feel to it.

The new program is called Commercial Tech and ABC is looking for startups that have to do with mobile commerce, e-commerce platforms, social shopping, dynamic pricing, marketing automation, mobile security and many other fields. Actually, any startup that is somehow connected with some aspect of commerce and believes it can make a big impact is welcome to apply.

ABC decided for Commercial Tech, because it represents a new, profitable and very useful startup niche, where even small companies can have a big impact on the market.

abc accelerator CommTech

The program starts on 1st of April 2016 and the applications will be open until 15th of March. However, the most impressive startups will have the chance to pitch their ideas to the ABC team, because ABC team goes on a roadshow! Meet them in your home town:

The chosen ten startups will get 15.000 € seed investment, a possibility of a loan ranging between 35.000 and 300.000€, best possible conditions for product testing in the wider region, up to 310.000 € in bonuses such as licenses and software and top notch offices. Teams will be visited, guided and encouraged by international mentors, educated by some of the most successful entrepreneurs and followed by curious investors, who will fill up a hall in BTC City on 23th of June 2016 when the Demo day will take place. Before that, ABC will take the startups to various events, help them polish their pitches and assist them with making priceless connections in their field of business.