The 2019 CES awards have been extremely interesting to keep an eye on, especially for those interested in innovative solutions offered by startups from around the world. There have been many companies that captured the imaginations of the attendees and made investors reach into their pockets to start investing. Though, there were three companies that definitely were worthy of attention, as they won the CES 2019 innovation awards. The three Turkish companies brought some very interesting developments to the stage and deserve to have an eye kept on them in 2019 and beyond.

Payment solution of the future

Beko Sardis is a new, touch screen payment technology that gained the attention of the entire technological world. This touch screen cash register removes the need for an actual cash register, replacing it with a single touch screen device that the software is installed on. All companies that will be compliant with the EMV security standards will have this tech easily available to them, reducing the cost of operating to small businesses and allowing for secure, digital cash registers to be at hand at all times.

The second payment system tech startup to receive attention at CES was the Token Financial Technologies. The company hopes to provide fast and secure payment systems to their clients through platform independent and cloud-based systems. The company relatively young, but already has large scale ambitions, while also being the market leaders within their country of origin, Turkey.

Robotics is the star of the show

Though possibly the most interesting and exciting of all the startups was DOF Robotics, which presented its brand new Virtual Reality technology and received an award within the Virtual and Augmented Reality Products category. The company stated that they were looking to create more business abroad, but were remaining secretive about their work process, with security standards compared to that of NASA. The entertainment system, as presented at CES 2019, received a lot of attention from the largest entertainment economies in the world: the United States and China.

The Turkish companies are expected to produce some of the most exciting results in the year 2019.