Polish-based PushPushGo is a startup that is pioneering Europe’s web push player market. Identified as a SaaS platform, the technology aims to support marketing, blogging and e-commerce platforms that are looking to reach out and connect further with their audiences.

Having just received an investment of 2 million PLN from bValue venture capital fund, as well as attracting increased interest from the international market and investors, the company is now set for further development and even more growth in their 15 present markets around the globe.

What companies such as PushPushGo focus upon is the ever-growing industry of clickable content and information-rich message provisions which come from a website or web app. These notifications are delivered to a user’s device and can be used for marketing and creating customer content.

Although the use of web push notifications as a means of marketing has been around for some years, the business world appears to only just realising the benefits and potential of the technology. It has been pointed out by PushPushGo’s Chief Sales Officer, Artur Łabanowski, that for every one euro invested into web push notifications, an average of up to 35 euros profit is returned.  Statistics like that are merely accentuated by an apparent ROI of 3500%, meaning it has become not only a commonplace tool but also an increasingly appealing method for e-commerce companies, the company’s recent press release points out.

PushPushGo has also recently welcomed investor Maruisz Gralewski, CEO of medical rating service  Docplanner, who will be working with the Krakow startup to channel the potential of their technology. The seasoned entrepreneur recently expressed his excitement at the team’s potential and also explained they have ‘‘quickly reached the product/market fit, which translates into the interest of significant numbers of customers on the market,’’ he said.  ‘‘I can easily compare the pace of the company’s development to those that are currently global leaders in its category, which is why I am happy that I can participate in it almost from the very beginning. “

“Working with entrepreneurs like Mariusz Gralewski has taught us that having the appropriate advisers on board is the key to scaling our business as quickly as we would like,’’ added Dawid Mędrek, President of the Management Board of PushPushGo. ‘‘After talks with many other VC funds and industry partners, we decided that the bValue fund best fits with our vision of business and product development.”

Going forward, the innovative Polish team is believed to be also looking into the use of AI and machine learning in a bid to further optimise how users receive notifications. It is through the use of digital data analysis and advanced measuring methods that PushPushGo have the ambition to reach out even further afield to growing foreign markets. This very ambition to reach out and aim high, certainly cements the company’s position as an exciting investment for an abundance of VC’s.