Minutizer, along with its main partners Raiffesen Bank, TechHub and Ultrahack, have the pleasure to announce the second edition of the Fintech Hackathon in Romania, dedicated to the financial technology industry, Fintech Camp.

The event will take place between 4-5 November 2016, in Bucharest, in the space provided by TechHub, and will bring together several developers, designers and business people involved in this industry or wanting to gain some relevant practical experience.

Financial technology (fintech) is one of the areas with a big global potential, with an aim to build new business models through which banks, insurance companies, financial brokers and other market players, may offer the best services to clients and business partners. In a context where technology is changing paradigms more and more often, it is a challenge for any startup or freelancer to create a product or a service that would fundamentally change the way money flows and financial services are being rendered.

”We are confident that Fintech Camp will be the starting point of a national or even regional fintech community, and we are already in advanced talks to organized the next editions of the event in Sofia and Helsinki,” said Andrei Neagu, Project Manager of Fintech Camp.

Taking part in Fintech Camp is absolutely free, being made possible following a preliminary selection of the registrants, depending on their interest and potential prior experience in the field.

Registration is open on the event’s website. Prizes include money and gadgets to be shortly announced by the event organizers. More than that, the team that will get the best results will win a spot at the Ultrahack – the largest hackathon and innovation competition in Helsinki.

For further details, you may contact the organizing team at [email protected]