The global pet industry is going full throttle: this sector is projected to grow significantly over the next decade due to increased spending by pet owners and longer pet lifespans. According to a recent Bloomberg Intelligence report, the industry is expected to surge from its current value of $320 billion to nearly $500 billion by 2030.

As is always the case in a burgeoning sector, innovation is in every corner. Something that Leap Venture Studio, a venture organization formed in partnership between Mars Petcare, a leading pet care company and Michelson Found Animals, an animal welfare organization, knows for sure. 

Leap’s DNA is in driving innovation and fostering solutions within the pet ecosystem. On June 13, Leap Venture Studio presented its 8th Cohort Demo Day where pet enthusiasts and industry insiders could have a sneak peek at all things pet. The online pitch event showcased the advancements of six innovative companies from around the world. We take a quick tour here: 

  • GekkoVet: Based in Helsinki, Finland, GekkoVet is an online diagnostic and treatment tool created by veterinarians for veterinary professionals. It assists in quickly diagnosing pets by suggesting potential conditions and treatments based on a vast database of symptoms and clinical signs, making it an invaluable on-demand resource for vets globally.
  • Innovative Pet Lab: Operating out of Atlanta, Georgia, Innovative Pet Lab provides science-driven at-home testing solutions for pet wellness. Focusing on gut health, this company offers pet owners the ability to conduct comprehensive tests and receive personalized solutions, addressing a significant gap in pet healthcare with simple, mail-in sample kits.
  • Omni: London-based Omni is on a mission to revolutionize pet nutrition with veterinary-grade, sustainable, and flavorful pet food. Utilizing novel and plant proteins, Omni’s products aim to extend the lifespan and healthspan of pets, addressing common health issues such as obesity and allergies while maintaining affordability and taste.
  • Scooch: Another Londoner pet startup, Scooch offers an AI-powered holistic pet health subscription service. This platform provides virtual check-ups, personalized health insights, and tailored treatments, making proactive pet healthcare accessible and convenient for modern pet parents, especially the growing demographic of Gen Z and millennial pet owners.
  • VetVerifi: Based in Nashville, Tennessee, VetVerifi is transforming the pet economy by streamlining the process of verifying vaccination records. By connecting veterinary clinics and pet service providers through a real-time API, VetVerifi ensures seamless data transfer and accessibility, enhancing efficiency and reducing frustration in managing pet healthcare records.
  • WIMBA: Going back to Europe, directly from Krakow, Poland, WIMBA leverages AI and 4D printing technology to revolutionize pet orthopedics. By enabling rapid, accurate creation of custom orthotics and prosthetics from video scans, WIMBA provides affordable, lightweight, and efficient solutions to pets suffering from orthopedic issues, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with traditional methods.

Besides showing us where the real innovation is coming from in pet tech, Leap Venture Studio also introduced its first-ever social impact company, BestyBnB, as a special seventh member of the cohort. BestyBnB is a technical platform dedicated to bridging the gap between human social services and animal welfare agencies. It offers crisis care and safety net programs that provide temporary, safe housing for pets of individuals in crisis, such as survivors of domestic violence. This innovative “Airbnb for pets” ensures that pets can be safely housed until they can be reunited with their owners, enhancing both human and animal welfare.

This year’s cohort, selected from over 200 applications, demonstrates the potential and diversity of solutions in the pet care industry. From veterinary diagnostics and at-home wellness testing to sustainable pet food and advanced orthopedics, these startups are set to transform the future of pet care. The addition of BestyBnB highlights the program’s dedication to social impact, ensuring that innovation not only advances pet health but also supports pet owners in times of need.