If you need to create a resume and you don’t know how, you can just go to Kickresume.com and they’ll help you create extraordinary resume in few minutes. The Bratisava based startup has managed to draw the attention of hundreds and thousands of job applicants and job seekers, who intend to create fresh and interesting resumes or incorporate changes in an existing one. Kickersume is basically a unique tool that allows job applicants to design and create their own resumes with ease. Kickersume assists people at every step of resume development, which further provides them with a professional and well-formatted resume. With Kickersume, people get innumerable formatting options, which have all been designed by extremely creative resume designers and approved by some of the leading recruiters. kickresume1

The company was founded by Peter Duris and Tomas Ondrejka. While, Duris looks after business development, Ondrejka, manages the marketing matters and department. The biggest advantage of Kickersume is that its tools can be easily accessed via any smartphone, computer and tablet. Users can store their resumes in the cloud and access it through their mobile phones anytime, anywhere. The company also supports Google Drive Importing and Dropbox features.

Ondrejka and Duris decided to launch Kickersume, after they met their school mates who were finding it extremely difficult to create their own resumes for internship purpose. Most of their resumes had formatting, grammatical and readability issues, which left them helpless. As a result, the duo resolved to design easy to use and access resume designing tools, which would help jobseekers, internship aspirants and other individuals in creating and formatting and creating a professional and appropriate resume.

At present, Kickersume has a database of around seventeen thousand resume phrases, which allows its users to design effective and comprehensive resumes quickly and conveniently. Additionally, professional proofreaders, with over twelve years of experience, eliminate all the grammatical mistakes within twenty minutes, providing users with highly impressive and extraordinary looking resumes. Those with little to no knowledge regarding resume creation can safely use Kickersume, which at the moment gets over thirty thousand visitors a month. In fact, Kickersume already has more than twenty thousand active users who use its tools every month. Unlike their competitors, Kickersume offers a comprehensive package, which provides its users with a variety of tools and features for creating an attractive resume.