This Wednesday, August 12th Harlem Tech Summit, an organization dedicated to supporting to Harlem’s burgeoning tech scene, will hold its annual summit. The summit will be held in-person and virtually.

Tech luminaries will meet this year to discuss closing the opportunity gap and the economic impact of racial inequity. Leader speaking at the conference include:

  • Kyrie Irving: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
  • Marian Croak: VP of Engineering at Google
  • Courtney Hall: Co-Founder of Hillcrest Venture Partners
  • John Rogers, Jr: Co-CEO of Ariel Investments
  • Henri Pierre-Jacques: Managing Partner at Harlem Capital
  • Jerelyn Rodriguez: Co-Founder of The Knowledge House

Additional speakers include:

  • Fred Wilson: Partner at Union Square Ventures
  • Rocky Bucano: Executive Director of the Universal Hip Hop Museum
  • Ryan Williams: Co-Founder and CEO of Cadre
  • Danielle Geathers: MIT Student Body President
  • Among other speakers

Harlem Tech Summit was started by Derrick Lewis and Eddie Cullen to showcase Harlem’s emerging tech ecosystem. The events brings together industry professionals to share ideas for the tech ecosystem.

Said Co-Founder Eddie Cullen, “It is time we change the narrative for an inclusive future. In order to achieve change, we must have actionable economic outcomes.”

“When we bring our national community together, the sky’s the limit. We can accomplish anything.”