‘Art can be transcending, connecting us to issues on a deeper, emotional level. Art can create a visceral responsе and forge action from empathy.’

The Fine Acts Foundation was launched at TED in 2015 and is coordinated by two fellows; an artist and a producer. Their team is built up of a plethora of activists, entrepreneurs, artists and specialists in culture, design, technology and a variety of other creative spectrums. Their collective aim looks at triggering social change by combining different channels of creative output such as art collaborations and commissions. On top of this, the collective works with non-profit organisations and they have since found an interesting draw to the relationship between technology, art and human rights.

What makes this movement interesting sits with the deep-seated fascination between the opposing elements of technology and art, but this also opens the foundation up to an abundance of talented minds, twice fold.

This year the foundation will be hosting an innovative fellowship programme known as Fine Acts Labs in Sofia, Bulgaria for which it is currently calling all artists and technologists from Hungary, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria to apply – deadlines are next week. The selection of 24 fellows will meet in June and will be paired off and have 48 hours to prepare a project idea and prototype in light of the chance to receive 5000 euros to develop the idea. The weekend is also fully subsidised and will cover airfare from respective countries.


The event is certainly unique, and alongside mentorship, the high-impact concept will aim to bridge the distance between the two fields and encompass a future where collaboration is key. Addressing the theme of societal threats and shrinking space for civil society the group will not only raise awareness for the larger issues but also, through the work of the fellows, put together effective solutions which could eventually be applied.

Held on the 7th – 11th June, the open call for this exciting development is an opportunity to apply artistic and tech trades to an entirely new spectrum alongside like-minded, diverse creatives and visionaries. In the midst of a collective that will not only challenge and re-define the approach to social injustices but also promote socially charged art, we anticipate the innovative outcomes of this event.

You can also apply here to take part.