Ben Sadeghipour, better known in hacking circles as NahamSec, has, since 2014, set out to help companies and organizations plug security gaps by hacking into their systems and reporting on the vulnerabilities.

His expertise has led him to work as a bug bounty hunter for large firms such as Amazon, Google and Snapchat, as well as government agencies such as the United States Defense Department.

It was announced last week that Sadeghipour will be joining as an advisor to Trickest, an enterprise cybersecurity startup. Trickest helps cybersecurity teams to build, manage, orchestrate, and run critical custom offensive security workflows and integrations. Offensive security or “OffSec” actively seeks vulnerabilities in systems in order to fix them before malicious hackers find them.

“Joining the Trickest team as an advisor offers me a unique opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge security solutions while expanding my own expertise in offensive security,” said Sadeghipour in a statement sent to 150Sec.

Trickest’s CEO, Nenad Zaric, also expressed his enthusiasm for Sadeghipour joining the team as an advisor.

“We are thrilled to have Ben on board … This collaboration is a significant step towards enhancing our platform’s capabilities and embodies our commitment to empowering the cybersecurity community with powerful tools for automation and orchestration. With Ben’s involvement, we are well-positioned to deliver even more innovative security solutions to our customers and partners,” said Zaric.

Image credit: Ben Sadeghipour / @NahamSec via X.

The new advisor announcement comes alongside the launch of the new Community Edition (CE) of Trickest’s Security Workflow Orchestration SaaS platform. The Community Edition aims to democratize access to advanced cybersecurity tools, bringing state-of-the-art security orchestration capabilities to a broader audience including academia, security researchers, educators, and bug-bounty hunters.

Trickest’s traditional customer base includes enterprise security teams at leading companies, security consultants and partners, MSSPs, penetration testers, and Purple and Red Teamers, among others. However, its Community Edition aims to expand its value to a wider user base, opening up more opportunities.

According to the company, with Trickest, security professionals can build, manage, orchestrate, and run various customized workflows and integrations for Vulnerability Scanning, Attack Surface Monitoring, Secret/Content Discovery, Threat Hunting, and Automated Penetration Testing.

The platform also assists in gathering and analyzing information about potential cyber threats, automating Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering, supporting automated purple and red team operations, and facilitating continuous scanning for vulnerabilities (like outdated software, weak credentials, and misconfigurations).

Trickest CEO Nenad Zaric. Image credit: Trickest.

The company was founded in 2020 and has rapidly gained recognition for its innovative approach to cybersecurity. It is increasingly seen as a leader in the ever-evolving cybersecurity space.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Zaric, the company’s CEO, opined that the future of cybersecurity is in bespoke solutions that address very specific needs.

“The nature of cyberattacks is becoming more targeted, focusing on specific digital infrastructures of individual companies,” Zaric told the repoter, adding, “This requires a bespoke approach to cybersecurity, moving from generic solutions to more tailored strategies that can address unique vulnerabilities and threats.”