500startups and Rockstart pitch competitions at Digital Freedom festival

This week, Latvia hosts the second edition of Digital Freedom Festival (DFF), where thousands of participants, including startups, investors, corporations and policymakers will gather to discuss the latest trends and discoveries in digital technologies.

The event is also a chance for startups to pitch their ideas to renowned accelerators; 500 Startups and Rockstart.

DFF has teamed up once again with 500 Startups, a global venture capital seed fund that has invested in  over 1,800 technology startups since its inception in 2010, to offer an opportunity for startups to win a chance to join the 500 Startups accelerator program.

The selected startups will participate in a full day of mentorship with mentors from 500 Startups, and the most impressive will pitch their ideas on the main stage at the DFF. Not only will the competition act as a door opener to global contacts and investors pools, but the crowned winner will be fast tracked into the next 500 Startups batch in Silicon Valley.

Meet the startups shortlisted for the DFF & 500 Startups Pitch Competition

Adia Nanotech (Latvia) – a nanotechnology startup that shortens and simplifies the process of new nano-material and compound discovery.
Anatomy Next (Latvia) – uses 3D tools to capture each anatomical feature of the human body and combine life-like human anatomical illustrations with an immersive AR experience.
CENOS (Latvia) – develops an affordable sharing platform for engineering simulation.
DigiPulse (Latvia) – a subscription based SaaS platform that allows people to store and encrypt information on the DigiPulse blockchain and make it inheritable.
DronePlan (Latvia) – an intelligent flight planning software, comprehensive technology enabling companies to plan, create, and analyse all forms of aerial data.
Dualitybanx (United Kingdom) – a banking and foreign exchange solution for those that live, work and spend in multiple currencies.
Eightydays, Inc. (Belarus & USA) – an AI-powered system that generates multi-city trips in a few seconds, Around the world for $900.
Healthy Networks (Belarus) – a solution that detects and monitors lung diseases on the basis of AI lung sound analysis.
Incogniteam Ltd. (Estonia) – offers VPN solutions over a decentralised VPN network.
KLEAN (Lativa) – a two-sided marketplace for on-demand cleaning services.
Liveonriviera.com (Latvia) – the first marketplace combining the real estate purchasing and rental industry with the real estate service industry.
Overly (Latvia) – a company specialising in Augmented reality solutions. Overly has created an AR platform where any company can use the benefits of augmented reality.
Robotic Solutions (Latvia) – a self-driving kit making existing manually controlled machinery autonomous.
VideoDone (Latvia) – collects iPhone or GoPro footage and edits it into a great video.
Weps (Estonia) – a Chatbot website/eCommerce store builder for micro-business owners.
WiDE (Latvia) – a software that makes digital customisation of 3D-printable prosthetics and orthotics fast and simple.
DFF has also collaborated with Rockstart, one of Europe’s first multi-vertical startup accelerators, inviting startups to participate in DFF & Rockstart Artificial Intelligence (AI) Pitch Competition. Selected startups will present themselves to a network of local and foreign investors at DFF and receive attention from international media. The winner will be awarded a spot in the final selection round for Europe’s first AI accelerator by Rockstart in 2018.

Meet the startups shortlisted for the DFF & Rockstart AI Pitch competition

Snowision (Latvia) – develops completely automatic operational systems for snow cover monitoring on Alpine ski slopes.
Let’s Enhance (Ukraine) – an online service to upscale and improve visual content using neural networks.
Nimi (Estonia) – a virtual naming consultant that’s powered by Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
Easydress (Russia) – uses advance technology that can accurately determine a person’s clothing size from photos – without the need for a fitting room.
You Are My Guide s.r.l. (Italy) – provides an AI system that listens and understands websites, blogs and socials interactions in the tourism sector.
Fabulyst Private Limited (India) – a plug-n-play AI meant to enhance discovery at Fashion e-commerce stores.
JobRely (Lithuania) – has introduced Artificial Intelligence powered recruiting automation solutions.
Surge Technology Pte Ltd. (Singapore) – develops an Al-powered smart assistant to help sales professionals close more deals.
Apply (Latvia) – provides analytics on TV ads – SaaS AI neural network visual media analytics.
Bunny AI (Portugal) – a next generation marketplace and virtual assistant for local in-demand solutions and an all-in-one platform for small businesses.
Digital Freedom Festival will take place in Rigas, Latvia from November 27-28. For more information on the event visit the Digital Freedom Festival website or the event’s Facebook page. Tickets for the event are available for purchase here.