Source: Creandum

European early-stage venture capital firm Creandum has launched a €500 million fund with the sole purpose of backing early-stage startups across Europe. The company announced the closing of the fund Creandum VII on 3 June 2024. 

Some of the most successful tech companies including Spotify, iZettle, Depop, Klarna, Bolt, KRY, Epidemic Sound and Small Giant Games are a part of Creandum’s portfolio. 

The biggest USP for the company is that one in six of Creandum’s early stage investments have turned into billion-dollar companies or more. With offices in Stockholm, Berlin, London, and San Francisco, Creandum was founded in 2003.  

According to a Financial Times analysis, Creandum’s €500 million fund being raised in “record time” is a potential signal of  improvement for Europe’s technology start-ups after a two-year investment drought, as dealmaking picks up among early-stage companies and venture capitalists raise new funds.

Commenting on the fund, Sabina Wizander, a Creandum partner based in Stockholm said, “From the data we see and from our work every day, we are genuinely very excited about 2024. More quality companies are daring to go out [to raise money] because the fundraising environment is more predictable.”

Creandum Plans To Capitalize On Emerging Trends 

According to Creandum, the fund will be sector-agnostic, meaning it will invest in a wide range of industries, including fintech, healthtech, consumer internet, and enterprise software. 

“Our funds have consistently delivered industry leading returns. We compete locally for the best entrepreneurs across Europe, but we compete globally for the best investors in our funds,” added Wizander. “We were significantly oversubscribed and continue to be backed by some of the world’s best LPs who value our consistency and track record of identifying and supporting Europe’s top entrepreneurs.”

The company’s diversified approach allows it to capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities across different sectors, thereby maximizing the potential for high returns.

The newly launched €500 million fund is designed to target early-stage companies, primarily focusing investments in Seed and Series A rounds. 

Creandum’s strategy involves identifying and backing startups with innovative technologies and scalable business models. The firm aims to leverage its extensive network and industry expertise to help these companies navigate the challenges of early growth and achieve long-term success.