One of the most active tech cities in the Balkans is Novi Sad. And there is a place in Novi Sad where founders or companies can work, grow and learn and where you’ll probably find business partners, friends and competitors. This place is Business Incubator Novi Sad.

Business Incubator Novi Sad helps young IT entrepreneurs to accelerate the development of their product, or services, and to introduce them successfully on the market. Young companies can find administrative, legal and financial assistance, as well as the consulting and mentoring services here. Since there is no success without networking and market knowledge, the Incubator is actively working on connecting and introducing tenants to potential partners and experts from the University of Novi Sad.

Business Incubator Novi Sad was founded back in 2011. For five years, since it’s around, over 30 companies from Novi Sad “lived” and still live here. Companies who are working here are developing products in different IT areas, such as AR, IoT, SaaS, AI, machine learning, big data and others, and we will make sure to introduce them to you in the upcoming weeks.


In a desire to promote entrepreneurship and to make the local startup ecosystem stronger, Business Incubator Novi Sad is organizing and supporting numerous projects. One of the most important projects for the local community is Startup Weekend, an event that recognizes and rewards entrepreneurship. BINS is also supporting events that make the local IT community stronger such as DaFED, Geekstone, AWS User Group Serbia and many other meetups that are taking place in Novi Sad.

Business Incubator is not just 800m2 space of awkward silence and continued work. Words of Nikola Obradovic, a serial entrepreneur from Novi Sad are the best proof of this statement:

I’d recommend anyone to come to the Incubator and stay here for a while. Management of the Incubator is excellent, and everyone is always trying to help. Everyone here is helpful, supportive, willing to collaborate and make a business deal with you. And the most important thing – everyone is ready to play an occasional game of foosball. To sum it up – the Incubator is quite a fun place to work and to be there.”