This article was originally published on Novobrief, an Espacio partner publication

Magnettü, the company that was born as a solution to increase the turnover of companies by providing a disruptive technology has closed a €170,000 funding round led by Demium Capital

The idea emerged from problems experienced by its co-founders in previous work experiences. The online marketing industry is suffering significant challenges due to the saturation and maturity of paid channels (both Google and social networks), according to these entrepreneurs.

The constant increase in acquisition costs has become the main problem for many companies looking for a higher return on their investment and in need of disruptive alternatives. 

“We are born as a solution that puts company employees at the forefront of their marketing strategies. We innovate in a sector that a few years ago was characterized by being avant-garde. Still, today is saturated and stagnant due to the dependence of companies on investment in paid online advertisements. Magnettü’s mission is to humanize digital marketing strategies,” says Rafael Calle, CEO of the company. “The best ambassadors a brand can have are its employees and customers,” he adds.

The platform makes it easier for company staff to create and publish content on their social networks, increasing their visibility and that of their organizations. It also provides data for marketing departments to analyze the impact of their employees’ publications and the return on their investment. Magnettü relies on artificial intelligence to scale the creation of content and joins a market that exceeds €50 billion per year in turnover and is growing at a rate of over 15% per year. 

Its three co-founders Rafael CalleSergio Valls, and Joan Boronat (CEO, CFO, and CTO, respectively), met in Demium’s incubation program and, with its support, launched their product on the market, obtaining their first customers at a very early stage. The capital will be invested in consolidating a team of developers and a sales department. With this, they will give visibility to their solution and can continue scaling their operations.