We all know that the number of likes serves as a social proof of our awesomeness online, but when it comes to pages, situation may change soon.

The new layout of Facebook pages should be already something to think about. The number of fans is not exposed in the most visible place anymore. As we all learned about Facebook fan farms and other easy ways to boost number of likes, Facebook seems to move our attention more to content than the size of the community.

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Social media users become more and more educated and they will not like anything you post anymore. Your content quality will soon be the most important factor deciding on the efficiency of sales through social media. Most of online marketers are still living in the utopia of “the more likes I get the more I sell”. You don’t want to be one of them, do you?

How to get ready?

1. Change your mindset

You are not announcing anymore. The days when the loudest is the most visible has  gone forever. With the number of advertising messages people are getting in social media every day, you need to stand out in a different way –  build a real relationship with your online community. The overall image of your brand matters more than the number of people you reach.

2. Don’t post stuff which you would never like or share

What is the point of posting anything which you would not post on your own timeline? You can’t expect your online community to spread the news which is not good enough for you to share. Always judge the quality of your work by asking yourself this question “Would I click the ‘like’ button under it?”.

3. Interact with the community

Your clients will trust you if they feel you understand the market, you are part of it and you care. Do not be afraid of sharing content which is not produced by you and do not hesitate when anyone (fitting your target group) asks you for help with cross promotion. The most important thing is to be useful and bring value every day to your online community.

4. Make it beautiful

Facebook wants people to scroll through content, so pages producing good looking, engaging content will be treated better by it’s algorithms. Good quality images and videos keep attention and contribute to the general impression about the brand you project. An investment in good graphic designer support will pay off shortly with an increased engagement rate.

5. Stop complaining

Online marketers and their clients keep on complaining that Facebook is cutting reaches, that it is much harder to attract users and it’s the reason why Facebook is becoming less and less attractive as an advertising platform. So… I am sorry to disappoint you but the only reason your campaigns are less and less effective is you. The digital world is changing rapidly and you need to do adapt your marketing strategies. Observe, test and learn constantly.