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New blockchain association hopes to spur economic growth in Moldova

Moldova is looking to benefit from a new blockchain association which hopes to spur economic growth in the country.

The Digital and Distributed Technology Moldova Association (DTMA) aims to use the technology in different areas of the country to create jobs, help the economy and guide government policy.

Moldova is one of the poorest parts of the CEE. The DTMA – made up of a group of tech enthusiasts – is hoping to bring prosperity to the country.

The group recently launched its own version of the cryptocurrency, Dash, for self-governance and treasury use – in particular, for students to apply for grants related to blockchain initiatives.

They have also spoke about launching Moldova’s first cryptocurrency exchange.

And the DTMA has said the country will see investment from investors abroad and will utilize its human resources.

The DTMA is currently talking with local government to set up a tech zone that would offer tax relief for blockchain projects and urge international tech experts to come to Moldova.

ZoZo Coin, a real estate blockchain firm, has said it is a sponsor partner to the association. ZoZo Coin is currently exploring real estate options in the country.

DTMA has said it is preparing to recruit students along with ZoZo Coin to take on internships and be involved in projects in marketing, IT and real estate.

Human trafficking is a big problem in the CEE region – Moldova included – and last month the country said it would use blockchain technology to help fight it. 

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