There certainly are many bright minds trying to revolutionize the present and shape the future of technology. However, in our latest pursuits for disruptive solutions and out of the box ideas, the one we miss out the most is timeliness. We simply move too slow.

Radu Motisan, the founder of uRADmonitor has started his entrepreneurial journey by putting time first. The company aims at technology innovation by providing and analyzing comprehensive data at a higher pace than traditionally done. Simply put, it tracks pollution both at global and local scale in order to increase awareness and secure health.

Primarily designed for personal use, the product proved its utility by raising considerable international interest. uRADMonitor incorporates a global array of network connected monitoring stations, using advanced sensors to track environmental parameters. Moreover, the device can track up to seven environmental parameters, to prompt early warnings if dangerous chemical or physical factors are detected. Users can also visualize statistics from various locations around the globe.


Their competition consists of major industrial providers, governmental programs and also other localised projects, out of which most are struggling with crowdfunding. The startup is currently bootstrapped.

When it comes to traction, uRADMonitor counts 300 users worldwide and raising. The founder plans on earning by both merchandising detectors and providing an environmental monitoring service.

The team works in the startup’s headquarters in Timisoara, Romania.

“Work hard. Do everything fast, electronic research and prototyping, more testing, get over failures, try again, sleep even less. Finally reach a milestone, have a first design barely working. Work on software, improve, sleep less again. Start discussions with Chinese manufacturers. Try first iterations. Learn from mistakes. Improve, and push forward. Do banners and graphics in Photoshop, enclosure in CAD for machine milling. Wait for orders from Far East, do software, improve, improve, improve”, founder says.

You can find out more about uRADMonitor by following them on Facebook or visiting their website.