When the pandemic hit, rates of loneliness soared on account of a variety of factors but mainly thanks to social distancing. In addition, the level of physical activity was significantly reduced. According to one study, 69% of participants who were once classified as very active before the pandemic (83% male and 46% female) then dropped to 39% (50% male and 31% female) after COVID-19 entered the picture.

So what do loneliness and exercise have in common? First of all, it is widely known that exercise increases endorphins, which help to block pain and increase sensations of pleasure. But research also specifically shows that group workouts, something that was stalled during the social distancing period, not only boost people’s physical performance but also their mental health. 

As we climb our way out of the isolated and dark days of the pandemic, exercising in the company of others might be just the needed daily dose of medicine needed in people’s routines. 

Krew, the first mass-scale live-streaming fitness platform app, recently announced the release of its “watch party” feature. The new tech addition is set to minimize the negative effects of isolation many fitness-inclined individuals have felt in the pandemic, and instead, support a more regular, social workout routine online. 

Let’s take a look at how the new feature on this app can help combat isolation and get people back into their regular fitness routine. 

Forging a New Format For Group Fitness 

Referred to as “Peloton without the $3K bike” and “Twitch for fitness”, Krew is transforming how people exercise in the digital sphere. Its “watch party” highlights a users’ best moments from the class, offers feedback about their technique and accuracy, and provides information about their cardio levels. 

This data has many beneficial roles, and also encourages healthy competition among classmates to help bridge the physical distance that many athletes have struggled with when working out remotely.

“Watch party” also allows users to create avatars of themselves, giving people the creative freedom to represent themselves as they choose—ideal for people who aren’t yet ready to share their bodies with the class. What is more, users can also take note of in-class achievements as they happen (e.g. on-time execution, great form) and share those milestones with their fitness community.

To access the Krew platform, users only require a camera from their smartphone, computer, or tablet, and an internet connection. Users can participate in classes that are either led live by an instructor or are recorded with instructions. 

The simplicity of connecting to Krew and its range of content means that people can work out at their convenience, whatever their hardware, and whatever their fitness capabilities. 

Building Back From A Collective Deficit

Beyond bringing people together, fitness groups help individuals to find motivation and inspiration in their personal fitness because it can help them to push through that next achievement milestone by having other people there to cheer them on. 

“When everyone has the chance to tap into their own fitness community, we can remove existing gatekeepers,” said CEO and co-founder of app Krew, José Martín Quesada, who himself suffered a near-fatal car collision and believes that he couldn’t have recovered without the support of his fitness community.

“Remote fitness was already on the rise before the pandemic, now, it’s become a staple part of life,” he continued. 

Being part of a community has its social benefits, but being surrounded by others doing the same physical motions also helps to give an example of what the proper form is to help avoid injury. With a group, individuals are more likely to hold themselves accountable as well—while also gaining the capacity to add variety to the type of workouts they participate in. 

“Krew eliminates the need for expensive equipment so that we can we put the benefits of group workouts at people’s fingertips, right in their very own living rooms,” stated Quesada. 

Opening up the world of fitness to anyone and everyone, Krew’s platform has already raised $1.8M in a pre-seed round, including funding participation from Wayra XTelefónica’s digital innovation hub. 

Krew is actively receiving funding, support, and access to its extensive network of experts, partners, and clients to ensure that their growth can support its mission to help support people in their own healthy lifestyle choices. 

Keep an eye on this app as its platform progresses by integrating larger selections of content, and fitness sensors, and also advances its personalization with more video highlights, filters, and avatars.

Disclosure: This article mentions a client of an Espacio portfolio company.