A group of European entrepreneurs and technologists attending the Horasis Asia Meeting in Binh Duong, Vietnam set out to answer how Vietnam can best leverage AI, sustainability, ESG and its young talent to achieve economic success. 

The co-founders of J3D.AI, a company that helps large organizations leverage AI to solve complex decision making processes, applied their learnings to a group of about 75 attendees of the summit from around the globe. 

They started off with the question of how Vietnam can leverage these different aspects to achieve economic success. Then, they split into three groups to focus on the question’s various parts. 

“We will guide participants through a very specific way to share their knowledge; a very fast and efficient way,” said Yip Thy Diep Ta, CEO, J3D.AI. The company’s founders are based in Germany, Switzerland and Estonia. 

Yip Thy says they are “slicing and dicing a complex problem” into smaller topics that can be solved in small groups moderated by a facilitator. 

Yip Thy Diep Ta, CEO, J3D.AI

AI comes into play, because the organizers record the discussions from the panelists and use large language models (LLMs) to help summarize the group discussion and identify the most important conclusions which will be presented to the conference attendees by the group. 

“The AI helps us to distill the essence worked out together with the participants,” said Yip Thy. 

According to her, the core offering of J3D.AI is to help people exchange knowledge very fast, to interconnect knowledge and then to co-create actions. 

“Today we’re only doing a short version — like a teaser workshop, but typically these interventions go three and a half days,” she said.