DefCamp 2015: Here you will find out how easy your online data can be stolen, how your privacy is violated and what are the techniques used to break critical security systems.

DefCamp, founded in 2011, is the largest conference on cybersecurity in Romania and among the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. The first edition took place in Bran and gathered 80 participants. DefCamp 2015 will take place between 19 and 20 November in Bucharest, Romania and expects over 700 participants from around 30 countries. Several dozen speakers, global recognized and specialized in cybersecurity, will bring to public’s attention the newest research. However, any discussion of cyber security should start with two main issues: identifying the problem and the solution. For the second one competes both companies specialized in software security and hackers.

During the two days of DefCamp the contest finals of white hacking in Central and Eastern Europe: DefCamp Capture the Flag (CTF-D), will take place. During qualification stage nearly 1,200 teams from 80 countries participated and after the final in November the winners will be rewarded with prizes worth 3,000 euros, consisting of cash, gadgets and other hardware.

For the first time, during DefCamp #6, two new competitions that challenge participants to find vulnerabilities and report them to vendors in a responsible manner in line with international standards, will keep the audience engaged.

In addition to these and D-CTF contest, there are other major activities dedicated to personal safety, money security, and data privacy. During Target John, “hackers” receive information regarding a real target and must find all the details about it.

“This fall’s conference is certainly expected by many Romanians and Europeans as well. Experts and industry leaders in cyber security and online privacy will discuss and debate the hottest researches of the year that helped discover critical vulnerabilities in software and hardware” said Andrei Avadanei, founder and coordinator DefCamp.