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Leading cloud ecosystem technology company CloudBlue has presented its 2021 Partner Awards to those global partners who most successfully utilized CloudBlue’s ecosystem orchestration platform to drive end-user digital transformation.

The winners were selected based on a number of criteria, including overall cloud business growth, motivation and capability to innovate with the platform, and the partner’s level of alignment and engagement with CloudBlue.

Tarik Faouzi, senior vice president at CloudBlue (Image source: LinkedIn)

“Digital transformation has accelerated significantly throughout business over the past two years, and cloud technology has been at the forefront of this ongoing evolution,” Tarik Faouzi, senior vice president at CloudBlue, said in a press release.

“Our partners—from resellers to MSPs to SIs and telcos—have played a major role in this transformation, in large part because they have successfully leveraged the power of our CloudBlue platform,” he added.  

The following are the 2021 CloudBlue Partner Awards winners:

CloudBlue Global Partner of the Year: Telefónica Tech

This award honors a CloudBlue partner that has registered growth on a constant basis over the year and has developed an effective partnership with CloudBlue, leading to outstanding results in 2021.

Telefónica Tech, a longtime partner, experienced great success utilizing CloudBlue to launch and manage a cybersecurity solution for its small to medium business (SMB) customers, which is called Empresa Segura (Secure Enterprise). Telefónica Tech was able to bundle third-party vendor cloud products with its internal intellectual property and create a unique digital offering with the help of CloudBlue technology.  

CloudBlue Breakthrough Partner of the Year: Vuzion

This award is presented to a long-term partner who achieved immediate, breakthrough success by utilizing assisted sales and CloudBlue services. Vuzion is a consistent early adopter of the CloudBlue platform.

Through its partnership with CloudBlue, Vuzion managed to massively expand its solutions catalog and other offerings and improve operational efficiency to provide their B2B reseller network with more value-add services.

Besides expanding their offerings, this cloud distribution services company used CloudBlue technology to speed its go-to-market (GTM) processes and provisioning. Its strong product offerings, a solid GTM strategy, and the benefit of CloudBlue’s tools to support these efforts helped Vuzion experience breakthrough success in the market.

CloudBlue Visionary Partner of the Year: Vodafone New Zealand

This award is handed out to a new partner that has shown excellence in its vision and implementation of the CloudBlue platform, aiming to deliver growth and impact while powering innovation across its business.

Vodafone NZ, who partnered with CloudBlue last year, has become one of the first digital services providers in the Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) region to adopt CloudBlue’s Assisted Sales and Premium Customer Support initiatives. These advanced programs help speed up Vodafone’s GTM strategy looking to create a flawless end-to-end experience for their customers who purchase cloud offerings.

CloudBlue Innovator of the Year: T-Mobile

This award recognizes a partner that has been able to successfully innovate using CloudBlue, empowering their business customers to do more.

T-Mobile, a customer since 2019, has taken the initiative to innovate effective cloud solutions for their business customers. T-Mobile launched its Microsoft 365 On Us using CloudBlue, bundling the popular workplace SaaS offering into a plan that SMB customers can easily afford. CloudBlue allowed T-Mobile to efficiently manage all integrations and billing to streamline the process for their customers.

CloudBlue Growth Partner of the Year: Dell

The recipient of this award is a partner that has achieved notable growth with CloudBlue and stands out as a leader in reselling cloud products and services in the market.

A longtime CloudBlue partner, Dell has achieved exceptional growth recently reselling Microsoft cloud products and services such as Office 365 and Azure. They are acknowledged for being a standout leader in cloud services reselling.

CloudBlue Spotlight Partner of the Year: Ekco

This award goes to a CloudBlue professional services automation (PSA) partner that has witnessed consistent growth and has developed a very close partnership with CloudBlue PSA, setting them up for a fruitful 2021.

Ekco is in the 2nd year of deployment of CloudBlue PSA, which was previously known as Harmony PSA. The company has leveraged CloudBlue PSA to unify disparate software systems across the company’s different departments, streamlining business processes and centralizing their data.

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