In their recent market report on rapidly accelerating technological advances and the importance of data literacy, consulting firm McKinsey predicts that one of the biggest challenges in the future of data-driven enterprise will be the need for adopting more modern architectural elements in order to keep pace with the high computational demands of intensive, real-time processing jobs. 

This is even more prevalent for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), as they outsource a multitude of services to specialist companies, providing a wide variety of data solutions to businesses across industries. This means that MSPs encompass much of the liability in expectations when it comes to cloud-data solutions.

Leading cloud ecosystem technology company, CloudBlue, has a proven track record at being a trailblazer when it comes to leading revolutions within the cloud services provider market. The most recent launch of their new CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360 solution is another example of this, wielding a completely automated, end-to-end management tool that enables MSPs to streamline their multi-cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) practices.

Let’s take a look at the top ways this new IaaS service will help MSPs to graduate to the next level of data-driven enterprise. 

Helping to Patch Disparities in MSPs

MSPs that require multiple logins to the various websites and tools that help them manage their IaaS business ultimately lose out on not only time but resources due to the fragmented nature of their workflows. This slow enablement translates to missed opportunities, missed competencies, and un-optimized revenue streams. 

This is probably why, according to researchers, the IaaS market is projected to reach a $201.83 billion valuation by 2027. To solve this problem for MSPs and to help connect them to the potential in this growing market, CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360 was created. This platform allows MSPs to consolidate an overview of their tools and services and view their cloud operations in a ‘single pane of glass’, according to the company.

Vía CloudBlue

Unlike unstructured, manual, or ‘homebuilt’ processes, CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360 allows MSPs to automate and manage all facets of their IaaS practices including leads and opportunities, service catalog, billing management, multi-cloud orchestration, and operational management. This helps to facilitate cost optimization, security, well-architected reviews, and vendor competency requirements, freeing up time so that MSPs can focus on what truly matters—servicing clients and growing their IaaS practices.

The Management Tools that MSPs Need

CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360 is a set of unique IaaS management tools that have the capacity to fully integrate into CloudBlue PSA, a comprehensive professional services automation (PSA) solution. This platform helps remove the manual tasks associated with sharing information between the systems of leading cloud hyperscalers, MSPs, and their end-customers—ultimately simplifying and automating MSPs’ connectivity to leading IaaS tools.

The solution empowers MSPs with enablement tools and resources to scale their IaaS business, allowing them to function at a faster pace and remove operational bottlenecks. CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360 also leverages integrations with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure to help MSP partners improve their IaaS capabilities, drive new revenue from hyperscale solutions, and expand their IaaS business.

“CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360 takes building an IaaS business to the next level,” said Raj Marar, vice president and chief technology officer Cloud Channel Platform, at CloudBlue. “By offering consolidated access to operational tools and resources, partners can manage their IaaS assets in the cloud from the strategic vantage of a single viewpoint.”

With a whole new level of multi-cloud orchestration achieved, partners within MSPs can view their entire multi-cloud infrastructure in a more intuitive and simplified way—driving the enablement of employees to accelerate vendor competency and unlock more profit than ever before. 

Helping Businesses Scale to the New Economy 

CloudBlue helps businesses succeed in the as-a-service economy and while helping to bolster revenue by managing subscription and billing, vendor and product information, and partner onboarding across multiple channels. 
Are you ready to modernize and scale your IaaS practice with CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360? Sign up today to attend the official LinkedIn Live launch event on March 16, 2022 from 11:00am to 11:30am EST (8:00am to 8:30 PST) and learn more about the intelligent solutions that can be managed in one place with CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360.