LiveTickets  is a Bucharest based startup that offers a white label ticketing solution for anyone who doesn’t know anything about ticketing and helps them set up their own customized ticket shop and start selling in minutes. The startup focuses on the music events & festivals market evaluated at 6.3 bn euros only for the three biggest markets in Europe (UK, Germany and France)

According to Petru Lungu, CEO LiveTickets, most events today use marketplaces to sell their tickets, but their brand and event visibility gets diluted. Thus, maintaining a branded experience is crucial for optimal conversions. LiveTickets offers a smooth buying experience for the end user and full control for the event organizers, enabling them to adjust their marketing strategy ensuring the optimal flow for conversions. The platform assures several levels of customization to seamlessly match your existing aesthetics, setup the simplest ticket shop in one minute and deploy it on your website without any web development skills.

The idea kicked-off when Petru encountered this problem while organizing a festival. “I needed a ticketing solution and after some research I concluded that I will build the solution from scratch to suit my needs. I called Carol right away and we got to work.” says Petru Lungu, CEO LiveTickets.

The white label solutions is the most dynamic sector in the ticketing business and LiveTickets’ main competitors in the global market are , TicketSocket and ThunderTix.

In August 2015, LiveTickets had technical validation, processing over 5000 tickets and afterwards started to research and develop on other key components.  Livetickets have processed 10.000 tickets so far and have 12 customers that pay a commission from the face value of each sold ticket.

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The platform was developed by Petru Lungu (CEO) and Carol Braileanu (CTO) from their own financial resources. They are now looking for investments to develop the platform even further, acquire the necessary hardware for large scale events and go to the UK market by end of 2016.