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The organisers of leading Latvian technology and startup festival TechChill, are hosting Baltic Tech Comes to SF at the Prezi HQ in San Francisco this evening.

Having grown from a small grassroots movement of like-minded tech enthusiasts in Riga, Latvia, TechChill has earned a reputation as the leading insider event in the Baltic region for showcasing tech talent, and boosting the development of the startup community and ecosystem in the area.

On February 7-8, 2018, 2,000 attendees will take part in a range of events bringing together investors, mentors, entrepreneurs, and the regions most up-and-coming startups. With good infrastructure, startup friendly local government regulations, and impressive East-West connections, the Latvia ecosystem has proved itself the hot spot for ambitious entrepreneurs.

However, this Friday, TechChill’s community is expanding far beyond its CEE borders, crossing the Atlantic to dock in San Francisco’s Bay Area.

The event will be hosted at Prezi’s SF headquarters on October 27, and will be chance for Baltic startups to make an impression on a global stage, and share with the Silicon Valley community the extent of innovation that the Baltic region holds. 

Marija Rucevska, Andris K. Berzins, Rainer Sternfeld, Uldis Leiterts

From top left to bottom right: Marija Rucevska, Andris K. Berzins, Rainer Sternfeld, and Uldis Leiterts

“San Francisco is the booming heart of the tech and startup world, so we are looking forward to building some new bridges between Silicon Valley and the Baltic tech community, and bringing their experience to the TechChill stage in February”, said Marija Rucevska, CEO and co-founder of TechChill.

Also taking the stage on Friday night will be various US-based Baltic entrepreneurs, sharing their stories of how they made the leap from the Baltics to the US, and what similarities and differences they faced in culture, entrepreneurship ecosystems, and more. This impressive group of individuals includes Marija Rucevska, CEO at TechChill, Andris K. Berzins, General Partner at Change VenturesRainer Sternfeld, Co-founder of Planet OS, acquired by Intertrust Technologies Corporation, and Uldis Leiterts, Co-founder of Digital Freedom Festival.

Far from merely an evening of speeches, the event is set to include a handful of the Baltic’s brightest startups, representing the region with short pitches and showcasing their ideas in motion. Selected to attend includes:

Anatomy Next: A startup group of medical professionals and developers from Latvia, revolutionising medical education through 3D technology.

Apply: A Latvian startup providing custom A.I. solutions making various industries more efficient and competitive.

CatchSmart: Specialises in development and maintenance of various Web solutions. Based in Latvia, but operating internationally, the startup offers IT solutions to help develop business relationships and promote goods to customers.

Finerium: A new face in financial technology and software, is offering the world’s first full-service online investment and collaboration platform for early stage private capital market players.

Furnny: An Augmented Reality tool allowing users to visualise furniture in real time, and to scale, from the comforts of their home.

Mass Portal: A Latvian startup designing and manufacturing 3D printers for home, school and office use. The Pharaoh™ 3D printers are based on delta robot technology, offering faster speeds, lower noise and vibration at comparable print quality levels.

SonarWorks: A EU-based venture capital funded audio technology startup, using digital correction to create the next best speaker.

Koatum: A med-tech startup from Latvia, has developed a new method for applying medical implant coatings, combining full implant isolation and targeted drug delivery directly from the implant’s surface. Koatum is the first in the industry to offer this fully functioning multi-layered hybrid coating with layers different in their purpose and characteristics.

Conelum Biotech: A spin-off from Riga Technical University, has created a disruptive proprietary technological solution that reduces waiting time for routine microbiological diagnostics for FMCG companies from 5 days to 3 hours.

These innovative startups from Latvia will pitch to a panel of local venture capitalists and experts from both the US and Baltic regions at the Silicon Vikings event on Monday October 30, which along with the main event on Friday, is sure to be another highlight of the week.

TechChill’s presence in San Francisco highlights the importance of bringing attention to the innovative startups coming out of CEE. With a population of just over six million people, Baltic entrepreneurs need to seek international opportunities in order to effectively scale their startups, as their home market is so small. Events such as this bring CEE startups into the line of sight of Western VCs and provide a significant opportunity for the region’s most innovative companies to be noticed and, hopefully, gain the funding and mentorship they need to scale and grow.