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Never Miss a Beat – Austrian startup Record Bird launches today

Music fans are excited about a new tool, which allows them to never miss a new release by their favourite artists ever again: Record Bird a free online-service notifying music fans worldwide about new releases by their favourite artists launches today and notifies users from now on about new music releases – no matter where in the world they are being released, and irrespective of whether they are brought to market digitally, on Vinyl or CD.

With a single click, users can import their favourite bands and musicians from services like Facebook or Spotify to Record Bird, which are then matched with the startup’s database. If any of the artists plan to release a new record in the upcoming days or weeks, users get notified about the release long in advance. Furthermore, users can already preview selected tracks and preorder releases.

“Most music-fans have no idea when their favourite artists announce or release a new record.” Record Bird tracks more than 4 million artists globally and notifies fans as soon as these bands and musicians announce a new release.

AndreasMahringer_4_smallPicture: Andreas Mahringer, CEO of Record Bird

Earlier this month Record Bird founded by Andreas Mahringer, Thomas Patterer, Alexander Baumann, Arnold Graf und Christoph Kregl closed its first larger investment round. The investment comes from VICE CEE’s Niko Alm as well as various angel investors from the business angel network startup300 (Klaus Hofbauer, Lukas Scherzenlehner and Erwin Stricker). The startup will use the six-figure investment for the development of its mobile apps as well as the launch into the german market.

Niko Alm (VICE) about his investment: “Record Bird does not only close a gap in my personal investment portfolio, but also an information gap for potentially millions of music-fans”.

“The music business still hasn’t reached the pinnacle of it’s digital transformation. We’re thrilled to play a growing role in this trend and break down some walls between the artist and the fan”, said Mahringer.

Record Bird will launch its mobile apps later this year, followed by its international expansion into the leading western music markets UK & US. The company will also present its product at SXSW (Austin, Texas) in March 2016.

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