Meet Seedcamp in Tallinn

On April 18th, Seedcamp will visit the #EstoniaMafia to explore the startup community in Tallinn, during an event that will be held at the Estonia IT College.

Seedcamp has been recruiting startups in Estonia, starting with Erply in 2009. Since then, their belief about the extraordinary local talent  has been further strengthened by a number of other awesome teams that have joined theor program: GrabCAD, Sportlyzer, Campalyst, Qminder, TransferWise and, most recently, Pult.


They are partnering up with Enterprise Estonia, one of the largest institutions within the national support system for entrepreneurship. Seedcamp is looking forward to receiving applications from teams from the broader Baltic region, this being very much in line with Seedcamp’s core belief that Europe needs to work together to support and accelerate our fantastic startup talent.

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