titanovo dna tests

Every morning, most of us start our day with a cup of coffee. From the words of Oleksandr Savsunenko, Ph. D. and founder of Titanovo, the humanity is split into two categories: for one that regular cup of coffee will increase the wellbeing and length of life, while for the other – significantly decrease. The reason for that lies in our genetics, a vital aspect of ourselves that impacts everything we do, and yet the one that doesn’t define our lifestyle and habits.

The mission of Titanovo, a medical tech startup from Ukraine, is to increase the wellbeing of the population by developing actionable genetic tests. Upon the results of those tests, it is possible to define the most appropriate lifestyle that suits each and every person, and will make them most healthy and successful. Titanovo tests your DNA, then processes your results through the AI engine to offer you easy-to-follow instructions to choose the optimal diet, sports, dental, skin care products, and stress reduction activities. The test kits are accessible to the consumer as well as researchers, making DNA testing consumer friendly and democratizing personal healthcare. You may see the example of the test here.

titanovo dna tests

Titanovo is currently aiming to raise $25.000 for the realization of the project and creation of the results interpretation engine on KickStarter. The company so far has been fully bootstrapped by a team of experienced scientists that have realised successfully a couple of previous projects, without any involvement of VC funds or incubators. Once the engine is created and first consumers are able to process their data getting detailed results, the vision of the company is to both scale and make the technology more powerful.

With the development of biological research and big data, we have now all the possibilities to use these technologies in order to disrupt our lifestyles and increase the overall well-being of the population via a series of simple measures. The most common risk for a genetic testing company is FDA regulations. However, Titanovo has taken the logical and meaningful steps in order to ensure that our test is not classified as medical device.

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