The Legal Startup Awards were recently held by the European Parliament and welcomed an attendance of over 100 lawyers from 35 worldwide locations. The three winners announced in Brussels last Thursday were commended for their success in delivering innovation to the legal sphere and were announced as Carcrash, Courtsdesk and SpecPrawnik.

The awards themselves have so far warranted the backing of the President of the European Parliament, President of the Committee of the Regions and the VP of the Economic and Social Startup Committee amongst an array of further global support. Considered as ‘The Eurovision for Startups’, the most recent awards ceremony was just one branch that comes alongside 18 other awards that are hosted by the Startup Europe Awards (SEUA) programme. The awards were launched and driven by the European Commission as a way of promoting startup cultures that incorporate cross-sector technology collaborations from local all the way to Europe-wide levels.

StartUp Europe Awards creates an Alliance gathering the organisers of startup awards (accelerators, incubators, universities, startup communities leaders, foundations and businesses angels associations, etc) all around Europe and beyond, being a forum for the interchange of best practices and networking amongst all the players involved in the European ecosystem.’

The most recent legal branch of the awards looked for developments in legal technology and an efficiency in new solutions that benefit the relationship between law and tech. The winners were identified in alliance with the XXI General Assembly of the Balms Group framework and brought together a global community of legal tech innovators.

The winners boasted new technology that addressed a variety of different aspects from claims to delivering case information. Spanish based startup Carcrash, like its name suggests, promotes a new, revamped method of claims surrounding accidents and enhance the speed and efficiency of payment. The company also takes the claim into their hands and use an extensive legal team who claim to push for over 7 times more than a claimant’s initial offer. Courtsdesk, on the other hand, is an information platform which provides extensive, collated details on every High Court and Circuit Court listing from 1970 to the present day. Though they are currently only based in the U.K and Ireland, it is also looking to global expansion in the near future.

The final winner, SpecPrawnik is a Polish based startup that offers a database which connects users with lawyers. Launched by the company behind, the group offers a unique tool which benefits both lawyers and people in search of legal assistance. The website is free to use and allows clients to search for lawyers that have handled specific or relevant cases as well as a transparent window to the costs. The platform, so far, has connections in a number of Polish towns and cities and opens the network to more efficient and extensive search methods.  

Backed by the Finnova Foundation, the awards certainly point to an exciting future for the startup sphere as one that transcends barriers and encourages cooperative relationships. Here, startups work together to find effective solutions across sectors and look to even further developments in technology.

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