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A Fighting Chance: Which Startup Is Ready To Get In The Ring?

Get in the Ring Foundation is coming to Belgrade on the 12th May in order to host the selection process for the Global Startup Foundation. This round comes before the final global meetup which will span over three days in Cascais, Portugal and play host to over 150 promising startups with the chance to unlock ‘business opportunities together’ with seasoned professionals across the tech sphere.

Organised by the Get In The Ring foundation annually, the global startup competition is prided as a vast three-day event that provides an exciting community feel and a platform to launch innovative ideas. Last year the final was held in Singapore with the winners being crowned as Edupass, Hargol Foodtech and Lifesense Group. Even further behind that, the competition took place in Medellin, exposing the worldwide appeal of this event and the scale of its potential audience. 

What sets this event out from the others, however, is, like its name suggests, that you have to literally get in the ring. It’s a fierce competition and one that’s undoubtedly entertaining for the cheerful audience – but rest assured this ring isn’t actually for the type of punches you’re imagining. The competitive element will see two startups go head-to-head to out-smart and out-argue each other until one contender comes out on top. These one-on-one battles, set in front of an audience of fellow startups, are in competition for awards which will then allow the winners to step closer to further fans and support of their products. From here, startups are placed into three separate weight categories based on their pitch, their finances, business model and team achievements before continuing to battle against rivals from the same category. 

The high-energy event reaches out to startups from all sectors and especially place focus on companies that hope to contribute a positive change to the world around them, as long as they are brave enough to face the ring. 

The event also hosts an array of networking events and dinner, pitch training sessions, innovation workshops and an exciting afterparty; all of which open up the vast expanse of the startup sphere to your advantages as a participant and guest. 

Organised by Meaningful Synergies LTD, the Belgrade round will warm up the ring for prospective startups and allow for practice, if selected, for the larger upcoming event. Both rounds are aimed at building your companies, providing you with exposure, connecting you to the correct people and also about having an enjoyable few days. Are your boxing gloves at the ready? Tickets can be found here

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