Hungarian Born Andy Grove, Former Intel CEO, died at 79

The tech world has lost one of the people that shaped this industry. Andy Grove, born András István Gróf, escaped from communist controlled Hungary when he was 20 and mover to the US.

After working at Fairchild Semiconductor, he was the first hire at Intel and became director of engineering of the newly founded Intel. Later, he would become Intel’s president in 1979, its CEO in 1987, and its Chairman and CEO in 1997. People in the industry consider that he was the one that pushed the transformation of Intel from a manufacturer of memory chips into one of the world’s dominant producers of microprocessors.


This morning, Twitter was flooded with messages mourning Grove’s passing.

Andy Grove has also written two management books, High Output Management and Only the Paranoid Survive. He is survived by his wife, Eva, two daughters and eight grandchildren.

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