Free WiFi networks are something everybody hunts for, especially when your mobile data plan is over before the half of the month or when you’re traveling abroad, but you’re not in the luck everywhere. There are even places that still insist to charge you for their connection use (shame!).

So, the 3 Romanian founders of Bucharest based FreeWiFi (Laurentiu Cenusa, Liviu Baltoi and Marian Cursaru) have set to solve the problem for both locations and users. Users will get free WiFi, but in exchange, they have to register and give some contact info. On the other side, location owners will have access to valuable marketing information, a better deal than trying to make a few bucks by charging users.

FreeWiFi captures contact information from people who connect and outputs this info in a very easy to work with dashboard, empowering the location owners to send targeted marketing campaigns and measure the return rate.

Currently FreeWiFi counts more than 35 venues as their clients, mainly small business (coffee shops and restaurants) but also some big clients (like shopping-malls).

The market seems to have lots of players in it. Companies like PurpleWiFi, Hotspot Systems, Linkyfi, and even Facebook WiFi, are all offering similar solutions (the good news beeing that there really seems to be a market for this), but the founders are confident about the benefits of their solution:

With FreeWiFi you create a micro-communities and empower companies to communicate more efficiently with their clients [..]

With FreeWiFi you create a real customer database (all contacts are verified) who can be used to send personalized messages based on demographics filters , vouchers, and indoor/outdoor wifi presence analysis.