Hub Onezero is a mixture of coworking hub, coffee shop and event location facility located next to the old city center of Brasov in Transylvania.

Most of the people in the hub are into IT, creative industries and arts. They serve a very good coffee and run a small library with books and international business magazines. Digital nomads and backpackers are going in and out of the hub, especially since a large number of hostels, guesthouses and cost effective hotels are placed on the same street.onezero2

Co-working here is about acces to a variety of working environment, connecting you to a like minded community, programmes designed to assist & challenge your business and networking without trying. Besides all these, the hub team provides support and finance for start-ups and coworkers projects through

  • grants
  • european and/or government funds
  • business support (mentoring, consultancy)
  • business infrastructure
  • matchmaking

“When I first came upon Hub OneZero in early 2014, it was Brasov’s newest coworking place. It was relatively close to the old city center, and they already had a community of local entrepreneurs, freelancers and tech-minded individuals, which is important for a thriving coworking place.

What makes this place great is that there is always something going on, from meet-ups, to technology conferences, to volunteering and sponsoring the annual Startup Weekend Brasov. It is quite common for somebody to arrange lunch for any coworkers who want something delivered, or to get a small group together for going out to lunch.

Hub OneZero is not just a regular coworking place; it’s the location that has the finger on the pulse of Transylvania’s tech & start-up community.” – Dustin Overbek, co-worker since 2014.

The hub can currently host 12-15 coworkers, backs the techie startups, gets involved in the technology festivals or events and it is a member of ALT Brasov (the Innovation and Technology Cluster).  In more fancy words, they recently won the title for “Best coworking space” at Central European Startup Awards (Cluj Napoca) and “People Choice” at Central European Startup Awards Grand Finale (Vienna).

If you wanna meet our coworkers and team, feel free to drop by and grab a coffee. More details about hubonezero: