Everyone knows that content is the king and video is the grand jewel of them all. By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. But making a professional looking video is still a challenge, even for the pros. So Stabylizr, co-founded by Wolfgang Fallman and Miriam Boubachta decided to make it much easier.

Wolfgang is a passionate wake-boarder and filmmaker. While recording his performance, Wolfgang not only was getting blurry and shaky footage, but one day he simply lost the whole set of steady-cam and action camera into the sea. “So I decided to build my own stabilizer which would fit my needs. “ he says.

Due to it’s innovative construction, Stabylizr is a smaller, lighter and a more user-friendly stabilizer. It is the first mountable mechanical gimbal, that floats. No adjustments are necessary. The user has to simply plug in the camera and start filming smooth and steady footage. See for yourself:


The product can be mounted anywhere, from helmet or any type of sports gear and even to animals.

Although there are tough competitors on the market, none of their creations are as small, light and as stable as Stabylizr. The team is already discussing licensing offers from established market players and they see the product as a potential must-have item for every 9 Million GoPro camera user. Should this number look too small, there is also a huge potential in adopting the system for smartphones, what should open a market of about 2 Billion potential customers.

The team participated at this years’ Startup Live #12, where they presented a 3D printed prototype and won not only the Best Late Stage Startup, but also became an overall winner of the year. Currently Stabylizr team has been bootstrapping but is now looking for funding. In February 2016 they are planing their Crowdsourcing campaign on Kickstarter.

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