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3DLook Surprises Silicon Valley With Instant Body Scanning Technique


The opening of Start-Up Grind Global Conference marked an explosive debut for 3DLook – a startup which morphs your smartphone into a 3-D body scanner.

Launched less than a year ago, this Ukrainian company is only at the beginning of its market conquest now. Though, names behind the enterprise are well-familiar in the start-up world.  3DLook’s CEO and Co-Founder Vadim Rogovskiy, for instance, is known to the business community as the mastermind behind Clickky  – an international app monetization platform with a million-dollar annual revenue.

Exhibiting along with 9 other companies at the Ukrainian Pavilion, 3D Look unveiled to the audience a smart and easy way to generate 3D body models. Until now, the entire 3D scanning market has been ruled by one strong assumption: impossibility to achieve veritable human body mapping relying on software alone. As a result, despite gaining a certain traction in a string of industries (healthcare, sports, fashion – to name but a few) – whole body modelling has not become a part of our everyday life. And you cannot blame business owners for their lack of desire to fiddle around with scanning machinery – oftentimes cumbersome and expensive to maintain.

3DLook however, found a way to quash the stereotypes surrounding 3D body reconstruction tech – at least, in the eyes of Start-Up Grind visitors.

Instead of forcing visitors into a scanning booth 3DLook team suggested they stop by for a quick photo-shoot.  Done with a simple smartphone camera, two photos would get you a chance to see your 3D-doppelganger on a big screen. And also a special bonus: a fitness plan generated based on your individual body parameters.

The solution offered by 3DLook is straightforward but tricked you by this seeming simplicity. There is a combo of machine learning, neural networks and computer vision tools hidden behind the 3DLook tech.

Removal of a hardware component from a scanning procedure unlocks a mass market potential for 3DLook as B2B product. Start-Up’s monetization strategy presupposes licensing its technology via white-label mobile or closing partnership deals with service providers. As the next stage, the company is planning to embed their technology into a fitness app with a pilot name 3DFit.

“We are offering a mass-market solution which presents a lot of fresh opportunities to gyms, diet centers, clothing industry and e-commerce. Imagine that a fitness club would use 3DLook to track clients’ progress and develop rapport with them through a platform of our design. Outfit stores will be advising their customers to use our body sizing techniques for choosing apparel. Thus cutting on the return rates.  Once 3D modelling becomes accessible to all, customers will no longer have to worry about going wrong on clothes’ size” – concludes the team.

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